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Integrated weighing controller


Entirely Developed and Manufactured by Kyros Electronics

Electronic controller for industrial weighing systems. Unique in the world market because it incorporates the following innovative features, all in one device:

  • Multilingual interface, Greek, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Italian. Programmable input for any other language through special PC software.
  • Measuring range from one gram with three decimal accuracy to 99999 Kg.
  • Display measurements in kilograms and pounds.
  • Five different weighing functions:
    • Simple weighing
    • Weighing with limits
    • Weighing by creating recipes
    • Check weighing
    • Sampling and counting of pieces
  • Fully adjustable device:
    • Weighing accuracy
    • Kg stepping
    • Maximum weight
    • Calibration
    • Graphical display settings (Brightness, contrast, night mode)
    • Display kg / lbs
    • Automatic switch off (timer)
    • Date / Time settings
    • Recording and printing history weighings
    • Weighing filters
    • Number of prints
  • Two serial communication ports RS232 & RS485.
  • One PS2 port for keyboard
  • Innovative and user-friendly calibration scale procedure.
  • Linking with light metering weighing plate.
  • Interconnection with two special PC software
    • One for language programming and to import materials and business data (Ability to import data directly from the PS2 keyboard).
    • One to store measurements to database. Ability to produce extensive history and user reports.
  • Ability to send via Bluetooth weighing measurements to smartphone (Android application) – remotely controlling.

Weighing functions:

Simple weighing:
Scale function for counting individual measurements on weighing load cell. Used with weighbridges.
Weighing with limits:
Scale function with maximum and minimum weighting limits. The controller produce rejecting command for weighing out of the range of limits set.
Weighing by creating recipes:
Scale function with up to 99 programmable weighing recipes. The controller produces commands for four different material provisioning points.
Check weighing:
Scale function with ability to alarm when the corresponding weighing exceeds the max weight limit.  Used in industrial production lines.
Sampling and counting of pieces:
Scale function for sampling computation. Ability to enumerate weighing pieces.

Used by the following industries:
Livestock industry, Concrete production industry, Marking industry & Food transportation. As controller for weighbridges.

By having all these interfaces this weighing controller can be used in any weighing application required by the industry.

Technical Data
Industrial and worksite use  
Power supply 220 Volt and in addition internal battery with automatic charging system
Temperature limits -40 / +70 °C
Display Graphic LCD display for 100% visibility even in heavy shiny conditions
Dimensions (mm) 200 x 160 x 80
Weight 2500 gr
Box IP65 - Water resistant
Color White
Supply protection

3.15A fuse in 220 VAC supply
Special electronics for thunder peaks protection

Keyboard Compatible with PS2 computer keyboard
Sounds Embebbed buzzer for different sound warning if the selection is valid or not