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Siakavaras Pavlos
Electrical Engineer
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  • Metal Detector
  • Use in Industrial environment
  • Vibrational control
  • Use of Microcontroler for digital control
  • LCD monitor 2x12
  • Acoustic indication through buzzer
  • Optical indication through LED
  • Arithmetic and optical indication on a monitor bar
  • Charge from 16-40 Volt
  • Automatic output command for metal detection
It is a vibration detector with microcontroller designed for use for feed of material raws before the production unit. Its antenna can be put below the conveyor.

Since it can be connected with the feed unit, it can be charged with electricity, and it can give STOP command to the conveyor with acoustic and optical ALARM indication.
When the found metallic object draws away, there is a button for restarting the conveyor.

The connections at the plug at the bottom of the indicator are:
  1. Continual 20 volts of charge
  2. GND
  3. 0 command to the charge in order to set the RELLE STOP
  4. Self-restraint connection of the RELLE STOP through the button, which is at the side of the indicator
  • Put the antenna of the detector below the conveyor.
  • Put the detector on the base vertically at the metallic sides of the conveyor
  • Coonect the antenna with the indicator
  • Connect the detector with the charge, which can be far away to 120 meters from the tetrapolic plug one by one
Set up
Since we have finished with the adjustment and we have charged the detector we see on the monitor the unit test for 2 seconds. If everything is OK, then we see the main menu.

Then, by switching the polistrofic pontiesometer, which is at the bottom side of the detector, clockwise, we can increase the sensibility of the detector, or by switching it backward we can decrease it.

We set a limit from 050 to 100 units on the arithmetic monitor, and then we press the CANCEL button which is on the side.

By put a metallic object on the conveyor the arithmetic indication and the graphical bar will be increased.

When the arithmetic value goes over 200 then the indicator stop and keeps the RELLE in STOP LATCH until we take away the metallic object and press the RESET button

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